Kingston Mini-Split Heat Pump Case Study: Creating the Perfect Nursery

Kingston Mini-Split Heat Pump Case Study: Creating the Perfect Nursery

Problem: Anticipating the arrival of their new baby, homeowners in Kingston, PA designed an adorable nursery in the room above the garage. However, maintaining a consistently safe and comfortable temperature in this space during both winter and summer proved to be challenging.

Solution: To address this issue, a single-zone Carrier mini-split heat pump was installed in the new nursery, ensuring quiet comfort year-round.


In Kingston, just like in many other locations, homeowners often seek to maximize the utility of the “bonus room” above their garage. Unfortunately, such rooms, due to the nature of garages as large, open, and unheated spaces, can be difficult to keep comfortable.

Even with excellent heating systems, these rooms tend to be excessively cold in winter and excessively warm in summer, presenting a particular concern when such a room becomes a nursery for a growing family.

Traditional solutions like window air conditioners are not suitable for a baby’s room, being loud and disruptive, potentially hindering parents from hearing their baby through a monitor. Additionally, space heaters pose safety risks, especially with small children present.

The homeowners required a solution that would maintain a comfortable temperature in the nursery regardless of external conditions, and it had to operate quietly to allow the parents to hear the baby during the night.

This case study delves into the following key aspects:

Mini Splits Are Ideal for Nurseries:

Ductless mini-split systems are well-suited for bedrooms and nurseries, offering effective heating and cooling without the need for extensive construction. In Kingston, our soon-to-be-parents opted for a single-zone system to address the specific needs of the nursery.


Baby Gets Cozy Nursery With Mini Split In Churchville, PA Split-Level

The system comprises an outdoor heat pump and an indoor air handler, with the latter often wall-mounted – a practical feature for a child’s room. Installation is swift and uncomplicated, eliminating concerns about ductwork modifications.

Precise and Silent Comfort:

Carrier ductless mini-split systems not only elevate the heating and cooling units off the floor, away from children’s reach but are also designed to operate silently. This ensures that parents can hear their babies and children even in adjacent rooms without relying on a monitor.

Carrier Ductless Heat Pump Installation Kingston PA

Given that newborns struggle to regulate their temperature, the air handler’s built-in thermostat monitors and maintains the ideal temperature and humidity in the room, eliminating hot and cold spots. The handheld remote further facilitates easy temperature adjustments for parents, even during late-night walks with a fussy baby.


Reducing Allergens with Carrier Mini Splits:

Carrier mini-split systems contribute to maintaining high air quality in the nursery, a crucial factor for the health of young children. The internal filtration systems effectively remove dust and allergens from the air, promoting a healthier environment.

By providing both heating and cooling without the need for open windows, concerns about mold, bugs, and high pollen counts associated with window AC units are alleviated.

Affordability with Rebates:

Carrier ductless systems not only prioritize energy efficiency, reducing energy consumption significantly compared to traditional options, but they also qualify for rebates. Homeowners in Kingston can benefit from energy-efficiency rebates of up to $300 from PECO for heating and air conditioning.

These rebates, combined with substantial energy savings, make single-zone systems more cost-effective, providing homeowners with enhanced comfort and financial savings – a valuable consideration for any young family.

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