Mini Split Fixes Heat & Cooling Issues In Kingston, PA Luxury Home

Mini Split Fixes Heat & Cooling Issues In Kingston, PA Luxury Home

Problem: Homeowners in a newer home were surprised that their heating and cooling system left rooms too hot and others too cold. They wrestled with the thermostat and felt less than satisfied with their dream home.

Solution: Installed a multi-zone mini split with two heat pumps and a combination of solutions made this home perfectly comfortable year-round and made the owner’s dreams finally come true.





Buying a new home can be like buying a new car. You are excited about the new-car smell, the feel of it, and the fact that it was made just for you.

But what happens when you discover that the picture-perfect outside has some hidden challenges inside?

These Kingston, PA homeowners became interested in a mini split because they just couldn’t seem to get comfortable in their new luxury home. Some rooms were always too warm, while others were chilly.

And no matter where they set the thermostat, the house never had a consistent, comfortable temperature.

It turned out that the builder didn’t do a good load calculation and didn’t size the equipment appropriate to the home. As a result, the single furnace was placed far away from the main rooms in the home, and there wasn’t enough force to get sufficient comfortable air to each part of the house.

Fortunately for them, swapping out the forced-air system for a mini split would solve these problems.

In this case study, we’ll look explore:

  • Why New Homes Still Have Uneven Heating And Cooling
  • Mini-Splits Offer Flexible Options For Your Home
  • Rebates Make Comfort Options Affordable
  • Ductless Mini Split Installation In Kingston, PA

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Why New Homes Still Have Uneven Heating And Cooling

New homes like this one in Kingston, PA often have features that everyone loves, like cathedral ceilings in the living room and a large master suite with a tray ceiling.

These designs are wonderful, but they do cause heating and cooling challenges. So, they need an experienced HVAC contractor to design a system that will keep these homes comfortable throughout.

But, what happens far too often is that heating and cooling is the last thing that goes into a new house. As a result, a contractor has to work around joists, beams, and layouts that weren’t designed with ductwork in mind.

That’s why so many larger homes built over the last decade or so have heating or cooling problems: Without the opportunity to install as many straight runs as possible, the system doesn’t have enough pressure to treat the entire home.

Mini-Splits Offer Flexible Options For Your Home

Besides bypassing the limitations of their ductwork, our Kingston, PA homeowners were excited to learn that they’d also have more control over the temperature in each part of the house.

Carrier Zoned Ductless Moorestown NJ

In other words, not only would their mini split finally allow them to get better comfort in rooms that were always too hot or too cold. They could also make some rooms cooler or warmer than others, and even change the temperatures in various parts of the house depending on the time of day!

It works because each air handler uses a built-in thermostat to regulate the temperature in each one’s respective zone.



So, for instance, they can make the master bedroom cooler than downstairs at night in the summer. Then, make the living room cooler during the day when no one’s upstairs.

Mini split installers know that Carrier heat pump systems are some of the best and most efficient heating and cooling systems you can have — and that their efficiency can save you money at installation time and in the long term.

By highly efficient, we mean that the cost of operation for heating can be up to 70 percent better than traditional systems, and 30 percent more efficient for cooling.

This translates into big energy savings for your home, while also delivering the best comfort, right where you need it.

Best of all, these mini-split systems are so energy-efficient, they qualify for rebates from PSE & G. Carrier also has a variety of rebates available at different times of the year, and your contractor will help you make the most of them.

With the flexibility of Carrier Ductless Heat Pumps and Mini-splits, the cost of a new system can vary, depending on how many zones of comfort you need in your home.

For this home in Kingston, Pennsylvania, the layout of the home meant that a two heat pump system with an additional 5 zones of customized comfort, for the family room, master bedroom, bonus room, basement, and office were needed to ensure comfort year-round, 24 x 7.

Ductless Mini Split Installation In Kingston, PA

The Kingston, PA homeowners were thrilled with the result of their ductless mini split installation, and they have been particularly happy this spring. The weather has been wildly variable, and being able to customize their comfort within minutes has proven to be a vast improvement off their old, noisy system that always left them out in the cold.

If you’d like to learn more about how a system like this can reduce your energy bills while making your home more comfortable, click below to find your local Carrier ductless specialist.