Sunroom Becomes The Fun Room With Year-Round Comfort In Wilkes-Barre, PA

Sunroom Becomes The Fun Room With Year-Round Comfort In Wilkes-Barre, PA

Problem: Homeowners in Wilkes-Barre, PA had a beautiful sunroom. But, it turned into a sauna in the summer and was too cold in the winter. They wanted to make the room a year-round gathering spot for friends and family.

Solution: Installed a single zone Carrier ductless mini split in the sunroom to deliver perfect comfort at the touch of a button.



The sunroom can be one of the best areas of your home. Full of light, they can be great places to relax and entertain. But for many homes, the glass enclosures can also trap heat during the day, making sunrooms more like ovens in the summer.

They’re also more prone to losing heat quickly on cold days without insulation like the rest of the house. Besides being uncomfortable, such temperature extremes can be hard on electronics.

That’s the problem our homeowners faced with their sun room in Wilkes-Barre. They wanted to use their sunroom for entertaining year-round, with a big-screen TV to watch movies or sports, and not worrying about mosquitos and other bugs ruining a great evening.

They needed a way to keep the room comfortable and keep their investment in their high-end entertainment system safe as well, no matter what the weather was doing.

After researching different options, they called for more information on Carrier ductless systems. When the contractor came out to see the house, they immediately recommended a single-zone mini-split. It would provide excellent climate control year-round without a long and invasive installation process.

In this case study, we’ll look to explore:

    • Why Ductless Mini-Splits Are Great For Sunrooms
    • Flexible Options For Your Home
    • Mini Splits Are Quiet, too!
    • Rebates And Discounts

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Why Ductless Mini-Splits Are Great For Sunrooms

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Carrier ductless mini-split systems are great solutions for enclosed patios and sunrooms because they are designed to work as both heaters and air conditioners for year-round comfort.

Mini-splits have two main components: An outdoor heat pump connected to an air handler inside — usually mounted high on the wall out of the way. Instead of ductwork, there’s a set of narrow, flexible lines that run through the wall so refrigerant or coolant can travel between the two.

Inside, the air handlers have advanced sensors that monitor temperature and humidity and adjust your comfort accordingly. They are great at evenly distributing the air throughout a room and eliminating hot and cold spots.

And, you never have to worry about furniture blocking vents or baseboard heaters.



Flexible Options For Your Home

Our homeowners choose to install a single zone of Carrier ductless air conditioning and heating to keep their sun room comfortable year -round. While they chose to use a wall-mounted air handler, other homeowners choose a wall or vent-mounted option that works with their floor plan and layout.

Because there are so many options available, you can choose a system that works with your home, while delivering world-class results, no matter what option you choose.

The system can also be controlled from a wall-mounted thermostat or a convenient handheld remote. And, most systems even take advantage of the Carrier CliMate app so you can control your system from an app on your smartphone or tablet! It works anywhere you get mobile service or a wifi signal.

Mini Splits Are Quiet, Too!

Carrier ductless systems are whisper-quiet to run- meaning that even in the middle of the summer, you can have the AC running full-tilt and still talk to friends or watch a movie without missing a moment due to background noise.
Mini Splits Are Quiet Too

In addition, ductless mini-split systems are highly efficient. That means they are a great cost-effective option to get the comfort you want without jacking up your energy bills.



Rebates And Discounts

Because these heat pump ductless mini split systems are so efficient — up to 70 percent more efficient than baseboard heaters and 30 percent more efficient than other air conditioners — they are eligible for special energy rebates through PP&L!

The rebates can save you up to $450, making these systems a better choice to offer sunrooms a year-round solution that’s affordable to run, while offering you better comfort to make your sunroom a year-round fun room for your entire family.

Click below to learn more about how Carrier ductless systems could help you with those hard to heat and cool rooms like a sunroom or enclosed patio, making this room a place where everyone wants to gather and enjoy- adding fun into your family enhanced by quiet comfort every day of the year.



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