What To Know About Mini Split Ceiling-Mounted Cassettes

Ductless mini splits have a well-earned reputation for being especially versatile. But, you may not realize that there are more options for the indoor units than the common wall-mounted air handlers.

In this article, I’m focusing on a ceiling-mounted unit, sometimes called a ductless ceiling air conditioner or ceiling-mounted ductless air conditioner.

These mini split air handlers can provide exceptional heating and cooling in rooms a wall unit can’t perform as well.

As with other ductless heating and air conditioning systems, you can choose a single-zone or multi-zone setup to treat as few or as many rooms as you’d like. Unlike the wall models, a ceiling ductless air conditioner and heating unit lies flush against the ceiling.

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Ceiling Mini Split Units: How They Work

A ceiling cassette unit uses the same heat transfer process as wall-mounted mini split systems. The heat pump, or outdoor unit, moves heat into the house in the winter. In the summer, it moves heat out of the house.

This system works using a refrigerant that absorbs heat and carries it through refrigerant lines. The lines travel between the heat pump and indoor units.

In the winter, the air handler draws in cold air from the room. Using the heat from refrigerant, it warms up that air and circulates it through the room.

In the summer, the refrigerant absorbs the warmth from the air in the room and carries it out to the heat pump. Working as an AC system, the air handler dehumidifies the air and blows the now-cool air back into the room.

Mini Split Ceiling Cassette Vs Wall Mount: Costs And Differences

The installation costs for a ductless air conditioner ceiling mount unit is little more than what you’d pay for a wall unit. That’s because they’re larger, with more parts, and require more work to install.

Best Uses For A Mini Split Ceiling Cassette Air Handler

Ceiling cassette mini splits are ideal for rooms with limited space for a high-wall unit or don’t have an exterior wall. Instead, a ceiling cassette is installed directly into the ceiling, providing unobtrusive heating or cooling that doesn’t take up valuable floor or wall space.

Functionally, they’re better than wall units in rooms with high ceilings or where there’s a lot of open space. A ceiling unit can circulate air much further than wall-mounted mini split units. And, they’re easier to install on second floors in homes with attic spaces using the rafters and structural components.

How to Install a Ductless Air Conditioner In the Ceiling

A ceiling cassette mini-split unit has the air air handler is mounted into the ceiling, so it’s essential to locate the studs or other structural supports to ensure the unit is mounted correctly. The process requires cutting a hole in the ceiling to accommodate the air handler and connecting the unit’s refrigerant and electrical lines.

When possible, run the lines along the joists to the exterior wall. Otherwise, you may have to cut holes through the joists to connect the indoor and outdoor units.

Ceiling Suspended Mini Split Features and Benefits

A ceiling-mounted mini split offers a variety of features and benefits:

Remote Control Operation

The wireless remote control operation allows you to easily adjust the temperature and airflow settings from anywhere in the room. This means you can enjoy a comfortable indoor environment without having to leave your seat.

Multiple Airflow Options

Customizable airflow options allow you to direct the air where it is needed most. Whether you want to cool a specific area or distribute air evenly throughout the room, these units provide the flexibility you need to achieve optimal comfort.

Quiet Operation

Mini split ceiling-mounted cassettes operate quietly, with noise levels ranging from as low as 19 decibels. This means you can enjoy a comfortable indoor environment without being disturbed by loud, distracting noise.

Large Heating and Cooling Area

Ceiling-mounted cassettes can cover a large area, making them an ideal choice for bigger spaces like hallways and open-plan living areas. They distribute air evenly across the room, ensuring consistent temperature throughout the area.

Customizable Temperature Control

Mini split ceiling cassettes provide a range of customizable temperature control options, including programmable timers, remote control access, and zoning capabilities. This allows you to set different temperatures for different rooms, providing customized comfort throughout the home.

Energy Efficiency = Cost Savings

Mini split ceiling cassettes are known for their energy efficiency, providing cost savings on energy bills. When combined with a well-insulated home, ceiling cassettes can offer even greater savings, as they do not require excessive energy to maintain a consistent temperature.

Additionally, they use a low amount of energy to start up and shut down, reducing energy waste.


Here are a few more common questions and answers about mini splits and ceiling cassettes.

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Do mini splits have to be high on a wall?

Mini splits don’t have to be high on a wall, but it’s recommended for optimal performance. Mounting them high also helps prevent tampering or damage, keeps the unit out of sight, and promotes even airflow. But, ceiling and floor-mounted options are also available.3

What is a ceiling suspended mini split?

A ceiling-suspended mini split is a type of ductless air conditioner that’s installed on the ceiling instead of on the wall. These units are ideal for spaces with limited wall space or areas where wall-mounted units may be unsightly. They offer the same benefits as regular mini splits.

Do mini splits work below 20 degrees?

Mini splits are designed to operate efficiently in temperatures as low as -15 to -20 degrees Fahrenheit. Some models come with a built-in low-ambient temperature feature that allows them to work even in extreme cold conditions, making them ideal for use in cold climates.

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