Rebates And 0% Financing Options For Carrier Mini Split Installations

Ductless heating and cooling is more affordable than ever! You can save hundreds or even a thousand dollars or more off the cost of your mini split installation thanks to federal tax breaks, rebates from your utility company, and promotions direct from Carrier.

Combined with attractive payment plans, you can break up the remainder into easy-to-budget monthly payments.

0% financing programs and local utility rebates vary depending on where you live. It’s always best to get the exact details directly from your local Carrier ductless expert. Click here to find your local Carrier ductless mini-split specialist.


Here’s what’s available, and how you can claim it:

High-Efficiency Electric Rebate Act (HEERA)

The High-Efficiency Electric Rebate Act is a federal income-based program that can get you up to $8,000 back on your heat pump or mini split installation. It’s part of the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act, and went into effect January 1, 2023.

Federal Tax Credits

If you owe money on your taxes, you’ll owe a little less after going ductless. The Non-business Energy Property Tax Credit provides up to $500 in nonrefundable tax credit for homeowners who install energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. You’ll fill out this form and file it with your taxes. Or, read more about the credit on the IRS website

Federal Tax Credits Carrier Ductless Pennsylvania

Utility Company Rebates

Believe it or not, your electric company wants you to use less power! And, they’re offering rebates as incentives for homeowners like you to switch to energy-efficient appliances. Mini-splits fit the bill, as they use far fewer resources than gas, oil propane, or conventional electric heat. 

Using less energy means less stress on the electrical grid, which saves your utility money on upkeep and repairs. They’re also mandated to offer efficiency incentives. The end result? You pay less for your home’s new heating and cooling system. 

Offers range depending on your provider, and you can find the one for your area here: 

Carrier Promotions

Carrier offers price cuts and other promotions at various times of the year. A Carrier Authorized Dealer helps you find the best deals and coordinate your installation to make the most of available or upcoming opportunities. 

Carrier Ductless Mini Split Pennsylvania

Financing For HVAC Installation

Your Carrier Authorized Dealer will help make sure your new mini-split stays within your budget. Along with the price breaks we mentioned, that also means finding the best financing options to make your comfort upgrade affordable with manageable monthly payments. 

Keep On Saving!

With Carrier’s high-efficiency heating and cooling, you’ll not only save money upfront on your new ductless system. Most homeowners also see a return on investment in around five years! By that time, the money you save on your monthly energy bills can equal the amount you paid for the mini-split in the first place. 

To learn exactly what’s available in your neighborhood, click below to find your local Carrier ductless specialist and schedule a quick conversation.